The Young Marine uniform is a modified version of the Marine Corps uniform.  Because we are modeling our appearance after our Marine role models it is IMPERATIVE that we look sharp and squared away.
These pages will detail the proper care and fit of all the Young Marine uniform items.
Cammies (Camoflauge Utilities) - Click here for more info!
            This is the basic uniform of the Young Marines and is used for drill, parades, camping and most activities.  This uniform should be neatly pressed.  Click on the link above or below for detailed instructions on sewing, pressing, etc...  This uniform consists of:
  • Black shined boots
  • Boot bands
  • Plain black boot socks
  • Underwear and sports bra as appropriate
  • Camoflauge Trousers with nametape on right rear pocket
  • Khaki web belt with standard buckle
  • Green Young Marine T-Shirt (or Red if prescribed by the Unit Commander)
  • Camoflauge Blouse with nametapes, patches and ribbons
  • Camoflauge Cover

PT Uniform (physical training) - Click here for more info!:

                This is the uniform we run and play in.  Normally it is worn underneath the cammies so that we can PT and put our cammies back on without needing any privacy to change.  Young Marines should show up to drill in PT gear with their cammies above on a hanger.  We have a hanging bar at drill to keep the uniform looking sharp!  This uniform consists of:
  • White tennis shoes should be the running style of shoe, not basketball high tops.
  • Plain white crew socks (socks should be taller than shoe but not extend above the calf)
  • Underwear and sports bra as appropriate
  • Plain black knit shorts that do not touch the knee
  • Green Young Marine T-Shirt (or Red if prescribed by the Unit Commander)

Miscellaneous Items (as needed) - Click here for more info!:

The environment changes and the Young Marines adapt!  This doesn't mean we wear whatever we want so the Unit has standards for miscellanous equipment which includes:
  • [required] Camoflauge camel-pak
  • [required] Small black LED flashlight with holster and batteries
  • [optional] Camoflauge M65 field jacket for cold weather
  • [optional] Plain black watch cap for cold weather camping


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